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International adoptions are governed by law n.183/84 modified by law n.476/98 for the ratification and implementation of the Convention on minors’ awardship and on the cooperation for international adoptions, promulgated at Hague on 29th May 1993 and by law n.149 of 2001.

The main aim of the Hague Convention is to guarantee that international adoptions respect the interests of minors, the guarantees recognized worldwide, to enable the States who adhere to this Convention to cooperate, in order to respect those guarantees and to prevent the abduction and the selling of minors.

Italy and the Republic of Ireland subscribed the Hague Convention.

For further information refer to the website of the Commission for Intercountry Adoptions


Italian married couples who prove to have been residing in the foreign Country where they have made the adoption request for more than two years, may have their adoption recognized in Italy by the Juvenile Court, if it meets the requirements of the Convention (article 36 of law n. 184/1983). The competent Juvenile Court is located in the jurisdiction where they most recently resided or, if it is not possible to learn the last place of residence, the appointed competent Juvenile Court is the one that is in Rome.

The recognition of foreign legal sentences in Italy is not automatic. It is carried out through specific procedures.

For further information refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs