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Rimpatri e rimpatri sanitari


Rimpatri e rimpatri sanitari



A section of the assistance activities for Italian citizens abroad concerns the repatriation of Italian nationals who find themselves in serious difficulty that cannot be resolved locally in the foreign countries where they find themselves. This Embassy may provide repatriation services, in collaboration with the competent Italian authorities (Prefect’s office, police commissaries or ‘Questure’, municipalities, local health departments, social services) concerning Italians who live abroad, and who need to return to Italy to be hospitalized for serious health reasons that also have economic problems. Abandoned minors can also be repatriated.

Repatriation procedures at the expense of the Treasury are limited to cases of substantiated economic ic problems as verified by this Embassy. 


This Embassy may provide the service of repatriation of corpses of Italian citizens deceased abroad. The Consular Office will request a proper authorisation by the local Italian Authorities to allow the corpse or ashes to enter the Country for burial. This authorisation is called ‘autorizzazione per l'estradizione’, known as ‘passaporto mortuario’ (mortuary passport).

In order to obtain a authorization or ‘passaporto mortuario’, the representative will have to come to this Embassy in person or the Funeral Home may come in his/her place, on the established date and time, and submit the following documents:

a) death certificate;
b) certificate released by the competent local health Authority stating that specific hygiene conditions have been respected;
c) certificate stating the absence of communicable diseases in the area of death;
d) certificate of embalming;
e) copy of the deceased passport/identity card;
f) details of the cemetery in Italy where the corps will be buried;
g) other documents and statements requested by the Ministry of Health for some situation in particular, if requested.

The documents will have to be sent by fax to this Embassy before the established meeting: 00353 1 6602186

This Embassy cannot finance the repatriation of corpses or the burial in the country of death, except in case of certifiable state of the family’s economic problems.

It is possible in some cases to refer to the ‘Regioni’ local Authorities of the person in question for refunds or financial aids.

For further information refer to website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs