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Sanitaria ed economica


Sanitaria ed economica



Italian citizens residing in the Republic of Ireland may benefit from direct medical assistance (outpatient care, hospitalization and pharmaceutical assistance) if they submit the documents required in the EU regulations or in the agreements between the countries.

In order to benefit from medical assistance, in case of emergency or not, it is necessary to show the TEAM (Tessera Europea Assicurazione Malattia) a card that enables Italian citizens to benefit from the same medical assistance as local citizens. The TEAM card is the back part of the Italian medical card called ‘Tessera Sanitaria’ (which enables Italian citizens to benefit from medical assistance) or ‘Carta Regionale dei Servizi’ for the regions of Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Sicily.

For further information refer to the website of the Italian Ministry of Health


This Embassy can distribute subsidies to Italian citizens residing in the Republic of Ireland and who find themselves in proven situations of exceptional need and economic problems, (e.g. delayed arrival of government assistance cheque, unusual medical conditions involving special medical, dietary or pharmaceutical expenses not covered by local assistance, etc.) These subsidies may be distributed on the basis of the available funds of the Embassy.

The Italian national who is suffering with economic problems will have to provide documented proof of his/her situation of exceptional need. Subsidies cannot exceed the maximum limit established by ministerial provisions.

Italian citizens who reside in Italy or in another jurisdiction and who find themselves in an unexpected financial emergency (e.g. theft of money and/or documents), may refer to this office if they cannot avail of the assistance of their immediate relatives, or third persons, who would usually send money through a money transfer company such as: (e.g. Western Union, FTT Currency Money Transfer, LCC International Money Transfer, Skrill, etc.). These individuals may benefit from loans with the promise of repayment to the Italian Treasury. Such loans are granted on the basis of evaluations made by this Embassy.