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Elezioni cgie


Elezioni cgie



The Consiglio Generale degli Italiani all’Estero (CGIE) (General Council for Italians Abroad) provides counselling services to the Government and to the Parliament on the main issues regarding Italians residing abroad.

The CGIE, examines the problems of Italian communities abroad, formulates opinions, proposals and recommendations in terms of state or regional legislative or administrative initiatives of the State and the Regioni (Regions), international agreements and EU provisions concerning Italian communities abroad.
In particular, the CGIE formulates an obligatory opinion on the government’s objectives with regard to the following topics: state financial support for Italian communities abroad; long-term blueprints and financial arrangements in respect of educational policy, professional training and social and welfare protection; criteria for the allocation of funds to national associations, charitable organizations, professional training bodies, press and information bodies; radio and television programs for the Italian communities abroad; guidelines for the reforming of the consular, education and social services.

The General Council for Italians Abroad (CGIE) is made up of 94 members in office for 5 years of which 29 members appointed by the government and 65 are elected abroad by ‘grandi elettori’ who are representatives of the Italian Comities and associations of Italian communities abroad in numbers not to exceed 30% of the members of the Comites in European countries, and 45% of transoceanic countries. The CGIE is chaired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The 29 members appointed by the government and assigned as follows:

- 10 from the national emigration associations;
- 7 from parties with parliamentary representation;
- 9 from trade unions and from the most representative charitable institutions and that are represented on the CNEL, Consiglio nazionale dell’economia e del lavoro, (National Council for Economy and Work);
- 1 from the National Press Federation;
- 1 from the United Federation of the Italian press abroad;
- 1 from the most representative organization of border workers.

For further information refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs