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Elezioni comites


Elezioni comites



 Comites, established by law n. 205 of 1985, are currently governed by law n. 286 of 23rd October 2003 and by the regulation for the implementation n. 395 D.P.R. of 29th December 2003. Comites represent the Italian community abroad and are elected by Italians residing abroad.

As regards to their functions, Comites contribute to study, research and define the needs for the social, cultural and civil development of the communities they deal with; particular attention is given to young people, equal opportunity, social and scholastic assistance, professional training, the recreational sector, sport and leisure activities. They also must cooperate with Consular Authorities in order to protect the rights and the interests of Italian citizens residing in the Consular Jurisdictions.

Comites Elections are called by the competent Consular Office governing the Jurisdictions in the State in question.

Members of Comites are elected from the lists of candidates supported by Italian citizens residing abroad.

Italian citizens who are over 18 years of age, residing abroad and registered in the electoral lists, may vote by absentee ballot (according to the absentee ballot system authorized by Law no. 459/2001).

In order to permit citizens to make use of the absentee ballot, this Embassy sends an envelope to each elector, in due time according to the law, containing all the ballots and an information sheet to explain the voting process.

Carefully following the instructions, the citizen completes the ballot and returns it to his consular office by post, using the pre-stamped envelope. The envelope must be returned as quickly as possible.

For further information refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs