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Elezioni politiche e referendum


Elezioni politiche e referendum



Italian citizens residing in the Republic of Ireland and registered in AIRE may exercise their voting rights abroad for:

- national political elections;
- constitutional referendums and referendums to abrogate laws in accordance with articles of law n. 75 and 138 of the Italian Constitution;
- elections for the European Parliament;
- elections of the representatives of the COMITES (Comities of Italian citizens residing abroad);

For further information refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


In accordance with law 459/2001 and the Regolamento di esecuzione DPR 104/2003, Italian citizens residing abroad and registered in AIRE vote abroad in the so called ‘circoscrizione Estero’ (Foreign Constituency that includes all Italian citizens who can exercise the right to vote abroad) to elect representatives in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate and for referendums to abrogate and to confirm laws.

The Foreign Constituency is divided in four geographic sectors:

- Europe, including the Asian territories of Russia and of Turkey;
- South America;
- Northern and Central America;
- Africa Asia, Oceania and Antarctica.

One deputy and one senator are elected in each geographic sector, while the remaining seats are distributed among the sectors in proportion to the number of Italian residents.
The total amount of the Parliament members eligible in the Foreign Constituency is 18 (12 Deputies and 6 Senators).

It is not possible to vote abroad in the regional, municipal and provincial Councils elections.


1) Italian citizens residing in the Republic of Ireland, registered in AIRE and in the electoral lists may vote in the Republic of Ireland if they are:

- 18 years of age for the Chambers of Deputies elections and for referendums;
- 25 years of age for the members of the Senate elections.

2) Since 2006, some categories of voters residing temporary abroad may vote in political elections and referendums, in accordance with specific laws for each election, such as:

- those who are employed by the Italian State in the Armed Forces and in the Police on foreign missions;
- those who are employed in the administrative sector of the State, of the regions or of independent provinces, if they stay abroad for more than three months, according to what the Administration says. Their relatives who live with them who are not registered in AIRE may also vote;
- professors and researchers at the university who are employed in foreign universities and research institutes for six months. Moreover, they must have resided abroad for at least three months from the date of the decree on the summoning of meetings issued by the President of the Republic. Their relatives living with them who are not registered in AIRE may also vote.


It is possible to vote only by absentee ballot. This Embassy sends all voters residing in the Republic of Ireland a package containing their electoral certificate, an electoral ballot or ballots along with a sheet explaining how to vote. Any voters who has not received an electoral package at least fourteen days before the date of the elections, can request it by going in person to the this Embassy to verify their electoral position and ask for a copy of the ballots. Furthermore, the Embassy may enable the Italian citizens deleted from the voters list issued by the Italian Minister of the Interior to vote, if they are registered in AIRE or if they have been requested to register in AIRE by the Consular Office by the 31st of December of the previous year. The request for admission to vote must be sent to the Consular Office at least eleven days before the elections in Italy, along with a declaration stating that there are no obstacles to the vote. 

Once the citizen has completed the ballot, he/she must return it to this Embassy by post, using the pre-stamped envelope, to the following address: 63/65 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4.
Only the ballots received by this Embassy before 4pm on the Thursday before the date of elections in Italy will be sent to Italy, where the votes will be counted by the ‘Ufficio Centrale per la Circoscrizione Estero’ (Central Office for the Foreign Constituency) established in the Court of Appeal in Rome.

In order to update their profile, voters are obliged to notify this Embassy with any change in their personal data.

The Embassy commits itself to guarantee that absentee voting is exercised in conditions of equality, freedom and secrecy; and that no negative consequences can ensue for voters either general and in their workplaces.

The running of the election campaign will also be regulated by special forms of collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Ireland, and this will not prevent the exercising by post of voting rights.


Italian citizens residing abroad are not obliged to vote by absentee ballot. Italian citizens residing abroad and registered in AIRE who intend to return to Italy to vote will have to communicate this fact in writing to this Embassy by the 31st of December of the year preceding the natural expiration of the legislature, or, in the case of early elections or referendum, within 10 days from the setting of the election date.

No provisions are made for refunding the travel expenses of those who have opted to vote in Italy.

For further information refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs