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Fiscal code


  • Requests for new issuance (certificate with/without plastic card) or for duplicates: Info e Application form



The tax code is needed for carrying out financial transactions in Ital, like real estate transactions, inheritance, work, opening a bank account or enrolling in university.

It is also issued to non-Italian citizens. The service is free and is reserved for private citizens over the age of 18, exclusively resident in the Republic of Ireland. For Northern Ireland residents please contact the Consulate General of Italy for Scotland and Northern Ireland in Edinburgh.

Requests for minors, or on behalf of third parties, or by the heir for a deceased family member must contain additional documents.

Companies must request the tax code in Italy at the office of the Revenue Agency competent for the territory in the place of registration/headquarters of the Company/Company in Italy.

You can request the release of an Italian tax code, if you have never had one before, or a certification of the existing one, for example for access to digital identity services.

The tax code does not expire and does not change due to a transfer abroad.

How to apply

Info   Form


From 1 October 2020, SPID, the Public Digital Identity System, allows access to the online services of the Public Administration and adhering private entities through the creation of a single Digital Identity that can be used by computers, tablets and smartphones.

Italian citizens registered with AIRE in this consular district cannot request the Italian health card and in order to request SPID, they must therefore obtain a copy of the tax code.

SPID is free. For more information and a list of managers see:

Italian citizens residing abroad MUST apply for SPID by 31 December 2022. Starting from 28 February 2021, all Italian citizens residing in Italy who request online services from the Italian Public Administration must certify their identity exclusively through SPID or the CIE .

SPID will become the only way to access the FAST IT service, and therefore the only way to request most of the Consular services.
To get SPID you need:

• valid Italian identification document (identity card, passport, Italian driving license – citizenship does not appear in the English one);
• Certification of the tax code;
• email address;
• mobile number for personal use (check if the service specifically requires an Italian mobile phone because this could make it more difficult to send or receive messages).

For the release of the tax code certification, read the information at the top of this page.
It is recommended that Italian citizens residing abroad select a manager that allows identification via webcam or via smartphone app.

SPID replaces the previous PIN credentials for accessing “Fiscoline” for completing tax returns. All information is available on the Revenue Agency website: