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    • You can collect your visa on Tuesday & Thursday 12:00 – 12:30 PM.
    • Please read carefully the documents and requirements necessary for a visa application on the web page of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation .
    • Our visa office e-mail address is, please note we do not answer to queries available on our website.


    • Make sure to have an appointment with us secured before buying any flight ticket or booking hotels. You can book everything right after you secured a slot with us. We are not responsible for non-refundable tickets.
    • Remember to book your appointment in advance. Please, be advised that the timeline between the appointment itself and your flight must be no more than 6 months and no less than 15 days.


    The documents that everyone will have to bring in, regardless of the type of visa, are the following:

    • Passport (original + 1 photocopy)
    • IRP card (original + 1 photocopy)
    • 1 photo (ICAO format)
    • Flight confirmation (round trip)
    • Hotel booking confirmation/invitation letter (tourism visit to family or friends)
    • Insurance that covers for Schengen area, with a ceiling of 30.000€ minimum
    • Current bank account statement
    • Cover letter from the employer/letter of support (in case of unemployment)






    • The last date of the current bank account statement has to be as close as possible to the date of the interview, and no older than 3 months prior the date of your appointment.
    • The pages that we need from your insurance policy are the following: certificate with start date/expiry date, your name on it and the page that states for how much you are covered for with medical expenses.
    • If you’re being invited by friends/family to Italy, you must provide the following invitation proof that can be downloaded through indicating as reason of travel “tourism – visit to family/friends”.
    • Be advised that if you have an appointment for your whole family, children of any age still need their own copies of the documents.



    As stated on we need you to bring in the invitation letter from the inviting company signed by the legal representative of the company. You will also have to provide a photocopy of his ID.




    You can apply as EU Family member by providing proof of the relationship to the European citizen and by demonstrating that you will be travelling together with you or joining you

    The following requirements are strictly for those who have EU Family members and are applying as such:

    • Passport (original + 1 photocopy)
    • E-application form
    • 1 photo ICAO format
    • IRP card (original + 1 photocopy)
    • Marriage certificate apostilled, (original +1 photocopy) of said document ­or birth certificate (original + 1 photocopy)
    • Passport of the EU family member original + 1 photocopy
    • Proof of flight booked with both your name and the name of the EU family member
    • In case you are reaching your family member, we need proof of flights/hotel staying of your family member too





    If one of the travellers is under the age of 18, and is not travelling with both parents, the parent is required to provide the following documents in addition to the regular ones for the visa they’re applying for:

    • Parental authorization to travel for the minor, written and signed by both parents/legal guardians, allowing the minor to travel to the Schengen area (it is valid only for one visa)
    • Photocopy of both parents’ passports, if one of them is currently resident in another country the photocopy must be certified
    • Original +1 photocopy of the birth certificate of the minor
    • A letter of attendance from signed by the Headmaster of the School addressed to the Italian Embassy in Dublin (not older than one month)
    • If one of the parents is deceased, the original and 1 photocopy of the death certificate
    • If one of the parents is legally deemed as untraceable, a photocopy of a court order indicating so

    In any case, the minor is required to be present on the date of the appointment.



    How do I book an appointment?

    Appointments can only be booked through

    Visa applications are accepted only by prior appointment. One can book “single”, “family” and “multiple” slots. We do not offer appointments via e-mail.

    PLEASE NOTE: Be advised that you must not pay for the appointment itself. If someone asks for money to book you an appointment, it is illegal.


    How early can I book an appointment?

    One can book an appointment well in advance and at any given time, the important thing is that the timeline between the appointment itself and the flight is no more than 6 months and no less than 15 days. Please, be advised that you will have to confirm your presence within the 10th to 3rd day before the appointment on Prenot@mi.

    Where can I find the form?

    Here you can find the direct link for the Schengen visas form:

    The form must be handed dated and signed.

    We also want to inform everyone that due to malfunctioning that we have no control over, the e-application form does not print in an e-readable format from IOS devices. We kindly request you to file it with Windows or Android devices.

    For how long does my Irish permit have to be valid in order to apply for a Schengen visa?

    The Irish permit card has to be valid for at least 3 months beyond the expiry date of your requested visa.

    What if I am unemployed?

    In that case we will need a letter of financial support, signed by the person supporting you, with a photocopy of their passport attached.

    What is a Stamp4 EUFam permit?

    The Stamp4 EUFam is a type of Irish permit that allows the family members of the Irish person to travel with their European family member without a visa.

    In case one person wants to travel alone, without their European family member, visa must be required.

    How much does it take for the visa to be processed?

    For Schengen (C) visas: It can take up to 15 days – the office can exceptionally take up to 45 days to process the application in case further examinations are needed.

    For national (D) visas: the usual timeline is up to 90 days – except for salaried work, which can take up to 120 days.

    Do you have priority lines?

    We do have specific slots on Prenot@mi for business, study (including research), and EU Family members appointments. Tourism does not grant any form of priority.

    Do I have to come personally the day of the appointment?

    Yes, the presence is mandatory.

    Do I have to come personally to collect the visa?

    You can come to collect your passport with the visa on it, or you can ask someone to collect your passport only if you provide them with photocopy of an ID and a written signed authorization for said collection.

    You can also bring a pre-paid pre-registered envelope with tracking number on it and your address, and we will gladly post it for you.

    PLEASE NOTE: Once the passport has been posted, we have no control over how long it will take for it to reach your address.