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  • Please refer to the documents and requirements necessary for all visa applications which is indicated in detail on the web page of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation:
  • The visa office e-mail address is Please be advised we are available to assist with any query that is not explained on the webpage. Due to the high volume of emails received we may not answer queries which are addressed or explained on our website.
  • It is obligatory to ensure an appointment with us (fully booked on the portal). Please click here to book an appointment before buying any flight ticket or booking hotels. Once the appointment is organized you may book and confirm everything with your planned travel to ensure you have the correct details for the appointment. The Embassy are not responsible for non-refundable tickets.
  • Visa collection is organized on Tuesday & Thursday at the time issued by the office during your interview. You can organize directly with the officer (usually 15 days after the appointment).
  • You can also bring a pre-paid pre-registered envelope with tracking number on it and your address, and we will gladly post it for you. PLEASE NOTE: Once the passport has been posted, we have no control over how long it will take for it to reach your address.
  • Please be advised to book your appointment well in advance. The timeline between the appointment itself and your flight must be no more than 6 months and no less than 15 days before departure. Please ensure when you book any appointment, that you must be in a position to provide all the documentation and requirements valid for the intended dates of travel.


The documents that everyone will have to bring in, regardless of the type of visa, are the following:

  • E-application form
  • Passport (original + 1 photocopy)
  • IRP card (original + 1 photocopy)
  • 1 photo (ICAO format)
    Flight confirmation (round trip)
  • Hotel booking confirmation/invitation letter (tourism visit to family or friends)
  • Insurance that covers for Schengen area, with a ceiling of € 30.000 minimum
  • Current bank account statement
  • Cover letter from the employer/letter of support (in case of unemployment)


  • The last date of the current bank account statement has to be as close as possible to the date of the interview, and no older than 3 months prior the date of your appointment.
  • The pages that we need from your insurance policy are the following: certificate with start date/expiry date, your name on it and the page that states for how much you are covered for with medical expenses.
  • If you’re being invited by friends/family to Italy, you must provide the following invitation proof that can be downloaded through indicating reason of travel “tourism – visit to family/friends”.
  • Be advised that if you have an appointment for your entire family, including minor children, each applicant must have a copy of the documents.




To apply for the specific type of visa bring the following documents:



To apply for this specific type of visa the following documents are essential:

  • E-application form
  • Passport (original + 1 photocopy)
  • IRP card (original + 1 photocopy)
  • 1 photo (ICAO format)
    Flight confirmation (round trip)
  • Hotel booking confirmation/invitation letter
  • Insurance that covers for Schengen area, with a ceiling of € 30.000 minimum
  • Current bank account statement
  • Business license of Italian company (Visura Camerale)
  • As stated on we need you to bring in the invitation letter from the inviting company signed by the legal representative of the company. You will also have to provide a photocopy of his ID.



To apply as an EU Family member you must provide proof of the relationship to the European citizen and show the flights/trip details that demonstrate you will be travelling together or joining them in Italy.

Please note that if you have been issued an Irish IRP card with EU FAM stamp 4 you do not need a visa to travel.

The following requirements are strictly for those who have EU Family members and are applying as such:

  • E-application form
  • Passport (original + 1 photocopy)
  • 1 photo ICAO format
  • IRP card (original + 1 photocopy)
  • Marriage certificate apostilled, (original +1 photocopy) of said document ­or birth certificate (original + 1 photocopy)
  • Passport of the EU family member original + 1 photocopy
  • Proof of flight booked with both your name and the name of the EU family member



If one of the applicants is under the age of 18, and is not travelling with both parents, the other parent is required to provide an additional document of consent:

  • Parental authorization to travel for the minor, written and signed by both parents/legal guardians, allowing the minor to travel to the Schengen area (it is valid only for one visa)
  • Photocopy of both parents’ passports, if one of them is currently resident in another country the photocopy must be certified
  • Original +1 photocopy of the birth certificate of the minor
  • A letter of attendance from signed by the Headmaster of the School addressed to the Italian Embassy in Dublin (not older than one month)
  • If one of the parents is deceased, the original and 1 photocopy of the death certificate
  • If one of the parents is legally deemed as untraceable, a photocopy of a court order indicating so
    In any case, the minor is required to be present on the date of the appointment.

If travelling on a school tour please follow the below information:

Minor students do not need to apply for a Visa as a Non EU students that are officially resident in a EU country do not require a visa for School trips. Please see the following link



To apply for the long visa, follow the directions at the following link:

The terms for issuing national entry visas are set out by Article 5, paragraph 8, of Presidential Decree No. 394 of August 31, 1999 (as amended by Presidential Decree 334/2004), which lays down that the diplomatic-consular Representation, “after assessing whether the application is admissible and carrying out the checks required in relation to the visa requested, including prior security checks, shall issue the visa within 90 days of the application” (30 days for employment, within the quotas envisaged by the so-called 2023-2025 Flows Decree, 30 days for family reunification and 120 days for self-employment). In accordance with the provisions of Article 6, paragraphs 2 and 3, of Ministerial Decree No. 171 of March 3, 1997, these terms may not be respected in the event that checks, verifications and collection of data, documents and evaluations by foreign authorities become necessary.


6. Transit Visa Information

Please note that if you are travelling on a transit flight, it must be booked as an international flight in order to either be to qualify for a transit visa or qualify to be exempt from a visa.

In the case that two separate flights have been booked, either with one airline or with different airlines this does not qualify as international. For example, one flight to Italy and another travelling outside the Schengen area. In this case it is not considered transit.

You will have to enter into Italy and a visa will be requested on arrival. You will pass through the immigration check point and then most likely you will need to check in again.

In order to apply for any transit or tourism visa you must book an appointment and apply with the same criteria as all types of visa. Please note that it takes up to 15 working days to process a visa.