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In order to book an appointment it will be necessary to enter the requested information into the System. If the information entered is clearly incomplete or incorrect, the appointment will be automatically canceled by the operator.

To access the online booking system, CLICK HERE

For general information on passports, please consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Travel Documents

NOTICE - Access to the Embassy is allowed only if equipped with their own mask

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - the following will be required at the appointment:

1) RECOGNITION DOCUMENTS: if possessed, the current valid Italian passport (admitted even if it has expired less than six months from the date of submission of the request)
SPECIAL CASES - in the absence of a valid Italian passport, any other document accepted for the recognition of the applicant is required (Italian identity card, European driving license, other non-Italian passport), eg. in case of application for the first Italian passport; loss, theft or destruction of your passport; previous passport expired for more than six months. EXCEPTION: infants without any identification document.
NOTICE: in the event of a request motivated by the theft / loss of a valid document, it is also necessary to present the original of the report with all the details of the case issued by the competent police office

2) PHOTOGRAPHS (FOR EACH PASSPORT): 2 photographs (ICAO compliant format - see our website for more details)

3) PAYMENT (FOR EACH PASSPORT): the amount due in cash ONLY, equal to Euro 116.00
NOTICE: payment by card / bank transfer is not allowed

4) ISSUE OF PASSPORT FOR MINORS: required the presence of the minor and, as a rule, of both parents with valid ID (except for specific cases). In case one of the parents is resident in another consular district / in Italy) OR unable to show up, the parent present must have a simple proxy in original with handwritten signature (SEE POINT 6) and a photocopy of a valid identification document (for confirmation signature) of the absent parent.

NOTICE: the transcription of the birth certificate is mandatory for all minors (under 18 years of age) born in a foreign country from an Italian parent / s. IN THE CASE OF INFANTS, the transcription procedure of the birth certificate must be started before booking an appointment - for information on the request, please consult the website of this Embassy. For information on the status of a transcription request submitted, contact the Embassy at consular

5) ISSUE OF PASSPORT FOR ADULTS WITH MINOR CHILDREN: the applicant for the passport must be in possession of an original certificate of consent (CLICK HERE) with an autograph signature (SEE POINT 6) and a photocopy of a valid identification document (for confirmation of the another parent OR may come accompanied by the letter.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: failure to indicate minor children is punishable by law - in the event of problems in obtaining the consent of the other parent, contact the Embassy at

6) AUTOGRAPH SIGNATURES in the case of another citizen EXTRA U.E. (requests for minors and / or adults with minor children): required to be present for authentication of the signature OR (in case of residence in another consular district / in Italy) original consent document with authenticated handwritten signature must be delivered at the representation competent consular / Italian Police Headquarters

7) The appointment is generally valid for one person only - however, it is possible to issue a passport for up to two people in the same appointment, indicating an adult plus a family member (spouse or minor child). NOTICE: in case of need for an appointment for more than two family members on the same date, contact the Embassy via email at the consular address.ambdublin

8) The booking service is reserved for Italians residing in Ireland and duly registered with the A.I.R.E. - Resident but non-registered citizens are invited to submit a (mandatory) registration request following the instructions provided on our website. It is possible to check the updating of the personal data sheet and the address of residence abroad through your FAST IT (CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE PORTAL)

Italians already registered but in fact untraceable until the appointment (eg due to a change of address not previously communicated) will have to submit a new registration to the A.I.R.E. (showing proof of the new residential address).

Italians temporarily in Ireland and not required to register with the A.I.R.E. (e.g. Erasmus students) can request an appointment only in exceptional and justified cases, by contacting the Embassy via email at - ​​any convocation will be possible only after delegation by the competent body ( Police headquarters / other foreign consular office).

9) POSSIBLE OBSTATIVE CAUSES: at the time of processing the passport request, during the appointment, impediments may arise (e.g. reporting of the interested party by the Police Headquarters) - in such cases, not dependent on this Embassy, ​​it will not be possible issue the document on the same day but further information will be provided for a prompt resolution of the case

10) It is possible to renew a valid passport in the semester preceding the expiration date, not before.

EXCEPTIONS: Deteriorated passports OR lack of free pages. In case of special and urgent situations, contact the Embassy by email at the consular

If the above requirements are not met, it will not be possible to issue the new passport and the file will be archived. Once the reported problems have been resolved, it will still be possible to book a new appointment for the issuance of the passport

Further information and notices: as a rule, the appointment is concluded within thirty minutes; the new passport is regularly delivered at the end of the appointment - without prejudice, of course, to the unforeseen events of a technical nature which sometimes occur and which may result in a delay of a few days in the delivery of the requested document.
When making an appointment, maximum punctuality is recommended, in consideration of the other appointments scheduled for the same day; it is always recommended to announce yourself at the intercom (and not to wait outside). In case of unavailability, please urgently cancel the appointment