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The Embassy of Italy in Dublin is responsible for issuing passports to Italian citizens residing in Ireland and regularly registered with the A.I.R.E.

Residents not yet registered can apply for a passport ONLY after uploading their AIRE registration request online (including complete and adequate documentation) through the FAST.IT portal [click here]

In order to avoid delays in issuing the passport, the applicant should have an updated marital status. It is therefore advisable to ensure that the documents relating to civil status events that did not occur in Italy (marriage, divorce, birth, etc.) have been previously presented to the consular office or to the competent Italian municipality.


The Passport Office is open only by appointment to be booked on the portal PRENOT@MI

Due to the high number of requests, interested parties are invited to submit the application well in advance. It is possible to apply for a new passport starting six months before the expiry of your own.

“EMERGENCIES” NOTICE: Only in cases of proven and documented urgency, the passport can be issued in the absence of a reservation on the dedicated portal. The interested party can request an emergency appointment at the email address , sending by email the necessary documentation proving the urgency. This request cannot be made via the switchboard, urgent requests are accepted exclusively via e-mail. The e-mail must be addressed to the attention of the Head of the Consular Office.


The single passport fee is € 116.00.
From 1st February 2023 it will be possible to pay consular fees, for services and visas, by Debit Card directly in our Offices through the point-of-pay system, without any additional costs to the applicant.

Any cash payments made at the counters of the Consular Section will be allowed only in exceptional circumstances.


  • 1. A recent color passport photo – white background – standard ICAO 9303/ISO 19794-5 – 45mm x 35mm.2. Previous Italian passport, even if expired, or other identity document accepted for recognition of the applicant (Italian identity card, European driving licence, other non-Italian passport).NOTICE: In case of theft/loss of a valid passport, it is necessary to present a report issued by the competent police office.


Parents of minor children, are informed that starting from 14 June 2023 it is no longer  necessary to present the assent form from the other parent for the purpose of issuing their identity document (passport and CIE), pursuant to D.L. 69/2023.

Specifically, the new article 3-bis of Law 1185/1967 indicates that, when there is a concrete and current danger that, due to the transfer abroad, the person might avoid  fulfilment of his obligations towards his children, it is possible for the other parent to request an injunction to issue the document.

The application can be presented to the competent judge at the ordinary Court in which the minor has his habitual residence or, if the minor is resident abroad, the Court in whose district the Municipality of AIRE registration is located.


In order to be able to issue a passport to a minor, it is an essential condition that the relative birth certificate has been registered in Italy, or that a request for transcription of the birth certificate has been submitted to the consular office.


NOTICE: if one of the parents is a EU citizen and is unable to present himself, the parent present must be provided with a simple original LETTER with an autograph signature, also attaching a copy of his identity document.

If one of the parents is not an EU citizen, the signature must be authenticated at this consular office or at another consular district of residence / Italian Police Headquarters competent for the territory in case of residence in Italy.

Provision of the Tutelary Judge

If a parent refuses to sign the consent form, the applicant can start the authorization procedure by the Tutelary Judge who can exceptionally authorize the issuance of a passport or identity card. This procedure must be requested through a written request from the interested party [click here] indicating the reasons for the lack of consent and the reasons why the refusal is considered pretext or unjustified. The application must contain detailed information about the obligations imposed on parental authority and custody of the minor; both social and psychological aspects will be taken into consideration for the evaluation of the request, with special emphasis on education and health coverage for the child. The request must also indicate the last address and telephone number (s) of the non-consenting parent, in order to allow direct contact and the place of residence of the child.
The Tutelary Judge made any further investigations, if he verifies that the reasons for the dissent of the other parent are actually unjustified, with a specific motivated provision, can authorize the issue of the identity document.

This procedure is of an exceptional nature and of voluntary jurisdiction, therefore it can be used only in the event of absolute impossibility to obtain the consent required by law.


Only in cases of proven and documented urgency (attention, having already purchased/booked a plane ticket is not proven urgency) the passport can be issued in the absence of a reservation on the dedicated portal. The interested party can request an emergency appointment at the email address, anticipating the necessary documentation proving the urgency. This request cannot be made via the switchboard, but exclusively via e-mail. The e-mail must be addressed to the attention of the Head of the Consular office.


Minors under the age of 14 can travel with their passport only accompanied by at least one parent or guardian. If both parents are unable to travel with the minor, he or she can be accompanied by another adult, requesting an accompanying declaration.
The accompanying declaration is applicable only to Italian minors and only when they travel outside the national borders (or, in the case of residence abroad, outside the borders of the country of residence) with a person other than the person exercising parental responsibility or guardianship. Parental responsibility (mother or father) or guardianship is therefore not necessary if you are traveling with merchants.

The accompanying declaration must be requested by the parents of the minor even when he / she travels entrusted to a transport company (eg airline or shipping company).

Before purchasing the ticket of the transport company, it is however necessary to verify that the same accepts that the child under 14 travels in their care.

A photocopy of the document of the parents (or guardian), the accompanying person and the minor must be attached to the accompanying declaration.

The validity of the declaration is limited to a trip (to be understood as a one-way and / or return) outside the country of residence of the minor under 14 with a specific destination.
The maximum term of validity of the declaration – within which the date of departure and the date of return must be included – is 6 months, without prejudice to the possibility for the competent office to grant a longer period in the event of a justified request (eg. entrusting the minor to a care or training institution).

However, the validity of the declaration cannot go beyond the expiry date of the minor’s passport.

Minors who are already 14 years of age can travel unaccompanied in accordance with the provisions of current legislation on passports and equivalent identity / travel documents (Law no. 1185/1967).

NOTICE: The signature of the parent or guardian who is a citizen of a non-EU country must be authenticated at the Passport Office of this Embassy or by a public official.

The Office responsible for issuing the passport may in any case request, on its own assessment, in the interest of the minor, the presence of the interested parties.

Documentation to be submitted:

1. Accompanying declaration [click here].

2. Copy of the identity documents of the parents (or of those exercising parental responsibility or guardianship).

3. Copy of the accompanying person’s identity document.

4. Copy of the travel document if present.

The request for the declaration must be submitted, attaching the above documentation exclusively by ordinary mail to the following address: Embassy of Italy in Dublin, Consular Chancery, 63-65 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4


It is recommended to submit the request well in advance of the departure date of the minor.

The accompanying declaration can be collected by a parent or guardian at the Passport Office of this Embassy during the opening hours to the public.